First international prize for contemporary earthen architectures

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Pourquoi ce prix est-il important ?


“This world-wide prize and its exhibition about earthen architectures will lay the foundations for an international atlas of the best recent projects.”


HUBERT GUILLAUD, architect, CRAterre-ENSAG (France)

“To shape our relationship with the world.”

ZOE TRIC, architect, amàco project (France)


“To give more visibility to earthen architecture.”

HUGO HOUBEN, architect, CRAterre, senior adviser of the amàco project (Belgium/France)


“To promote the skills of the stakeholders of earthen construction: craftsmen, architects, designers…”


JEAN-MARIE LE TIEC, architect, ENSAG (France)

“To make earthen architecture more visible and to raise the awareness about its value.”


MARIETTE MOEVUS, engineer, amàco project (France)


“To show the diversity and the universality of the contemporary use of earth as building material.”


AMANDA RIVERA, architect, DSA Terre (Chile)


“To highlight the creativity and the skills of the architects and the craftsmen who built with earth.”


GIANFRANCO NORIEGA, architect, amàco project (Peru)


“To encourage the constructive practices with the building material earth.”


NURIA ALVAREZ, architect, amàco project (Spain)


“To bring new sources of inspiration for the development of the imagination around the material earth in the world.”


MARGOT CLERC, architect, DSA Terre (France)

“TERRA Award: a message to the builders of tomorrow, a lesson of simplicity and modesty, a thought for the future of our planet Earth.”


PATRICE DOAT, architect, CRAterre-ENSAG (France)
  • Hubert Guillaud
  • Zoé Tric
  • Hugo Houben
  • Jean-Marie Le Tiec
  • Mariette Moevus
  • Amanda Rivera
  • GianFranco Noriega
  • Nuria Alvarez
  • Margot Clerc
  • Patrice Doat