And the laureates are …

Vernacular House

21th Century vernacular House / Spain, Europe

Individual Housing category

High school of Païamboué

High school Païamboué / New Caledonia, Oceania

School, Sports & Health Facilities category

Koudougou's Central Market

Koudougou's Central Market / Burkina-Faso, Africa

Offices, Shops & Factories category

Stairway to Heaven and city of Orion

Stairway to Heaven and city of Orion / Morocco, Africa

Exterior Design, Art & Landscape category

SECMOL School Building

SECMOL School Building / India, Asia

Workshops, Training & Festivals category

Ambepussa Community Library

Ambepussa Community Library / Sri Lanka, Asia

Public Cultural Facilities category

Renovation of the Jahili Fort

Renovation of the Jahili Fort / Abu Dhabi, Asia

Interior Layout & Design category

Post Earthquake village reconstruction

Post Earthquake village reconstruction / China, Asia

Architecture & Local Development category

Martin Rauch

Special Prize Technical Innovation

to Martin RAUCH, Lehm Ton Erde