International Jury of Honour

2016, July 9th – Lyon (France)


  • Wang SHU, architect, 2012 Pritzker Prize laureate, jury’s president of honour (Asia)
  • Leila El WAKIL, Université de Genève (Middle-East)
  • Erica AVRAMI, Columbia University (North America)
  • Hugo E. PEREIRA GIGOGNE, PROTERRA professional network (South America)
  • Alpha DIOP, president of ICOMOS Mali (Africa)
  • Jean DETHIER, architecture critic (Europe)
  • Albert DUBLER, architect, departing president of the International Union of Architects (IUA)
  • Marie-Hélène CONTAL, deputy director of Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine
  • Philippe MADEC, architect- town-planner, representing the French Architecture Academy
  • Hubert GUILLAUD, manager of the UNESCO Chair « Earthen Architectures », and TERRA Award co-chairman


Members of the screening board

2016, July 14th – Grenoble (France)

  • Éric Piolle, mayor of Grenoble, represented by Vincent Fristot
  • Albert Dubler, architect, departing president of the International Union of Architects (IUA)outgoing president of the UIA
  • Philippe Madec, architect – town-planner, member of the French Architecture Academy
  • Jean Dethier, architect, architecture critic

The other jury are the members of the scientific committee of the TERRA Award:

  • Patrice Doat, architect-researcher, co-founder of CRAterre, co-founder of UNESCO-CRAterre Chair
  • Laetitia Fontaine, engineer-researcher at CRAterre-AE&CC-ENSAG Lab, head manager of amàco
  • Dominique Gauzin-Müller, architect-researcher, EcologiK magazine editor-in-chief
  • Hubert Guillaud, architect-researcher, AE&CC scientific director, head manager of UNESCO-CRAterre Chair
  • Thierry Joffroy, architect-researcher, scientific and techical head manager of the Labex AE&CC-ENSAG, President of CRAterre