The team

Coordinator :

Co-chairman/woman :

Steering committee :


Project staff :

Marion Bisiaux (Communication manager until 2015/10/5 for the TERRA Award – works for amàco)

Mathilde Chamodot (project manager Asia)

Margot Clerc (graphic designer -logo, webdesign, design communications- website manager and assistant project manager until 2016/01/23)

Basile Cloquet (project manager Asia and website – works for amàco)

Prof. Iris Fäth (in charge of the relations with the german earthen network Dachverband Lehm)

Matthieu Fuchs (project manager North America)

Anaïs Guéguen (project manager Brazil)

Damien Guyon (project manager Europe)

Claire Guyet (project manager Oceania and copyright management)

Anne-Sophie Harnisch (project manager Africa)

Bettina Horsch (project manager Germany)

Anne Keusch (project manager Belgium and England)

Laura Marcheggiano (project manager Switzerland and Austria)

Amanda Rivera (project manager Latin America)

Pauline Sémon (illustrator and graphic designer for the “Earthen Architecture today” book and exhibition)


Contributors :

Anne-Lyse Antoine, Elisabetta Carnevale, Nuria Alvarez Coll, Olivier Bouffandeau, Emmeline de Bartha, Hugo Gasnier, Kateryna Fleith, Clémence Mathieu Brunel, Arnaud Misse, Mickael Müller, Cristian Muñoz, Cécile Nast, Gian Franco Noriega, Madiana Pognon Hazoumé, Zoé Tric